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Elective Classes
Spring 2024

January 15 - May 13
(16 weeks)

Welcome to our enrichment classes! Whether you attend our school during the day or enjoy being an independent homeschool family in the West Palm Beach area, our enrichment classes are designed with you in mind. Affordable, fun, and taught by qualified teachers, your kids will grow with every class they take!


There is a 7-student minimum to run all classes. 


Middle/High School

Career Discovery ($280)

Sculpture ($288)Waitlisted

Sign Language ($260)- Only few spots left!


Book Writing Club ($260)

**Lego Robotics Club 6-9 yr olds ($450) (75 mins) - Waitlisted (If we have enough people registered we may be able to open another section of the class, so please go ahead and register for the waitlist.)


Middle/High School

Theater ($260)- Only few spots left!

**Lego Robotics Club 10-15 yr olds ($450) (75 mins)


P.E. ($280)- Only few spots left!

Spanish ($260)

Sign Language ($260)



Muscle Strengthening and Workout ($280)

Vocals (10+ yrs old) ($100/class) - Only few spots left!

This is a 6-week class (January 15-February 26). 

** Robotics Schedule: 

Runs January 29-May 13

Elementary 2:00-3:15 pm

Middle School 3:20-4:35 pm


"Electives Hall" is available for students waiting at school during elective classes. $180 - 1 hour per week for 16 weeks. 

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