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Teacher and Student


A central part of our mission at GCH is to partner with parents so that they can homeschool their kids with confidence! For that reason, we are pleased to provide a system for our Home Education Plan, Unique Abilities (UA), and Personalized Education Plan (PEP) families to complete their required evaluations. Below are the details you need and the Evaluation services we offer to help make your journey a little easier.

Home Education Plan 
(including UA students)

What is the Home Education Plan?

The Home Education Plan is the legal designation for homeschoolers in Florida. This is also the designation used by those homeschoolers who receive the Unique Ability (UA) scholarship from Step Up

According to the FPEA, below are the fundamental steps needed by HEP families:

  • Submit a Letter of Intent to the school district. Please visit here to find out where to send your letter.

  • Maintain a Portfolio and/or take a Standardized test administered by a certified teacher.

  • Schedule a meeting with a licensed teacher and have them evaluate the portfolio or test results and fill out the evaluation form.

At GCH, we offer the following Evaluation services:

  • Portfolio Evaluation at GCH - $45, 30-45 minute consultation

  • Testing Evaluation at GCH - $35, 15 minute consultation


Schedule a meeting through the calendar below.

Personalized Education Plan 
(PEP students)

What is the Personalized Education Plan?

The Personalized Education Plan is a separate designation for homeschoolers in Florida who receive the PEP scholarship.

According to Step-Up, the fundamental steps are required:

For more information about the PEP program, please click here: FES-PEP

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